Preston Nichols Public Lecture On The ‘Montauk Chair’, A Mind Amplifier

Preston Nichols talks about the ‘Montauk Chair’:

Preston Lecture  Preston Nichols Public Lecture On The Montauk Chair, A Mind Amplifier
Preston Nichols lectures and shows, with a slide presentation, the details of all the workings of the Montauk "Teleportation Chair" and other areas of the project with many actual photos, schematics, and block diagrams of how the system worked. Preston was one of the key engineers and designers of the Montauk Project.

The chair was basically a mind ing a time wave receptor, they found a way to be able to record certain psychic brain wave patterns on a computer, and be able to connect them into a physical computer thus controlling the actual reality in which we live. This consisted of three coils which were passed on to three receivers: X, Y, and Z. The standard equipment was manufactured by ITT, the giant electronic manufacture at that time. These receivers were modified RF-amplifiers using a crystal oscillators to phase the inputs properly (remember now, this is 1940,s to 1960,s technology). The chair would connect to computer and convert the information in to a thought form using the Delta-T antenna.

This technology was called Psycho-tronics and the computer essentially became a conscious machine. Just as you, as a person, reject a form which is not your own, the transmitter rejects a form which is not its own (it gets a little complicated here-Preston explains it on the video bettor). A machine could now electronically produce a consciousness, and thus create a reality surrounding it.

UFO Dome Preston Nichols Public Lecture On The Montauk Chair, A Mind Amplifier Among some of the many interesting slides shown were the Discriminator Module, Helmoss Coils, and the famed Delta-T antenna (at the end of this video tape, Preston does a neat psychic demonstration with members of the audience using this Delta-T antenna. He was able to send out computer generated thoughts into members of the audiences minds – and yes, it does seem to work !!!).
Actual photo where the equipment was housed

A psychic would essentially sit in the chair and the computer would decipher the patterns and send the information to a transmitter that Preston built. The transmitter was composed of a 1000 KW noise amplifier, and a Delta-T transmitter. It implemented white noise and a magnet to spin a thought form between two periods. This had to bend time in order to compensated for the proper rotation thus creating a time vortex. The result was that now a field of time waves were sent out. This is Quantum Electro Dynamics. (now currently studied by Richard Feyman).

Preston does "Psychic Brainwave Transmition" using his Dele-T Antenna
Delta T Presten Preston Nichols Public Lecture On The Montauk Chair, A Mind Amplifier Montauk Pic Preston Nichols Public Lecture On The Montauk Chair, A Mind Amplifier
Preston’s home build Delta-T Antenna Photo that was implanted in audiences’s mind electronically

The Delta-T transmitter was simply an antenna that could translate time waves into a receivable format, a type of time wave receptor. This Delta-T transmitter was originally designed and built by a man the name of Nicola Turbo, which we now know today is really Nicola Tesla. Tesla knew about the technology of the Delta Time Factor which was crucial if you wanted to return safely from any alternate reality back to this one. These Delta-T antenna were placed below ground level. This time manipulation was designed by Tesla in the 1930′s (amazing huh!).

Preston Lect Preston Nichols Public Lecture On The Montauk Chair, A Mind Amplifier This system was so large that if filled rooms. It needed both humidifiers, and de-humidifiers to regulate the temperature and composition of the amplitrons and magnetron oscillators. A Cray 1 computer, the most advanced at that time, could not "talk "to the technicians directly. A smaller PDP-11 computer was used to "talk" to the operators. They used these to calculate many Esoteric functions including the Levenston time form.

Some of the big problems they faced at Montauk was that not only were these Psychic" transmissions picked up clearly in the laboratory, but they were also pickup up outside the laboratory to any unsuspecting soul that happened be to walking by. The conscious mind was turned off. Tesla’s zero time reference created noise and required hyper spiral white noise processors so as to not disturb the other equipment. Preston shows many actual photos of the Montauk base buildings (inside and outside) among which, at that time, were top secret.

Antenna Preston Nichols Public Lecture On The Montauk Chair, A Mind Amplifier
Montauk Chair Preston Nichols Public Lecture On The Montauk Chair, A Mind Amplifier
Actual Antenna used in The Philadelphia Experiments
And the antenna blueprints

Much of this information was received from crashed UFO’s and Alien technology exchange. AIL, the company that Preston used to work at, was surprised to find out years later, that after his brain washing wore off, he was able to pull back memories of him working there. When he inquired about his work record, AIL denied that he had ever been there-yet he could describe their equipment perfectly.

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